As SNC-Lavalin's Global Security team, we support the company's employees and partners by offering a safe place to work, create and collaborate.

We protect people, assets, information and reputation in both the physical and digital worlds.We understand the challenges of working in a constantly changing environment and are committed to overcoming them.

Because we live in unpredictable and often volatile times, we need to be ready to respond and act quickly to emergencies. We recognize and understand the importance of providing comprehensive, adaptive security solutions to reduce risks and ensure a secure environment for all SNC-Lavalin's operations.

We deliver our services with the highest security standards and taking pride in our mandate. We focus on threat and risk assessment, mitigation measures and crisis management, while managing and implementing efficient travel and security assistance and plans. Security is our priority and at the core of everything we do.

Our operations are led by a team of experts based at a central command centre and a regional security team acting at the strategic, tactical and operational levels on security matters worldwide.

We’re committed to ensuring employees and stakeholders can focus on their work without interruption – from identifying and evaluating risks for facilities, offices, project sites and accommodations and providing the required security measures to safeguarding networks, computers, programs and data from threats, damages or unauthorized access.

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Most importantly, we keep a watching eye over more than 36,000 business trips per year; 15,000 travellers in more than 100 countries. Security starts with responsible individual behaviour, which is why we provide our employees with the latest training, tips and activities on security awareness.

Our business resilience and recovery program aims to make us more resilient when faced with potential business interruptions such as natural disasters, terrorism, political conflicts and other issues. We help each region to plan, prepare for, respond to and recover from major or catastrophic incidents that could disrupt normal business activities and impact our people, assets and reputation.




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Lino Maurizio

Chief Security Officer & Senior Vice-President, Global Security

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Nicolas Robillard

Cyber & Technology Security and Travel Safety

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Michael Della Serra

Business Resilience & Recovery

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Our resilience program in action

We support our business sectors and employees by monitoring and preparing for potential disruptions, and by providing the necessary tools and framework when a major incident occurs.

A pertinent example of this was our emergency response when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, in 2017.

Over 1,000 employees were based at project sites and offices in the affected region. Our team responded successfully to the threat by managing the incident and working tirelessly with our on-site crisis management teams. We continuously monitored the incident and the potential impact to our operations, and successfully identified and contacted over 20 international business travellers during the crisis to ensure their safety and security.